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Shito-ryu Shukokai Union (United Kingdom) - Instructors









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Sensei Grainger





Sensei Beveridge









Senei Clark



Sensei Carr







Sensei Outterside




Sensei Lomax
Sensei Plumb
Sensei Garbett



Sensei Prince



Sensei Politis


Sensei Lomax
Sensei Neill
Steve Buckley
Jo O'Brien
Alan Goddard
Andrew Johnston
Marvin Peake
Sensei Lister
Sensei Church
Garry Smith




Sensei Jones










For contact details of association personnel, see contacts page. Thank You











Instructor Portrait images on this page by Kenny Brown, Matthew Wilkinson & Chris Denny (All rights reserved) Copyright © 2017. Copying is strictly prohibited.





Shukokaiunion HQ
Shukokaiunion HQ
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